KSTRD Edition - House Of Pancakes

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KSTRD just dropped by! Their award winning PRPLE custard & moreish BNNA custard create a whole new pancake experience. Pour on some of that thick purple goodness, or that scrumptious banana liquid gold, or even both! Then, why not add some Maple Syrup? Maybe a squirt of Vanilla Whipped Cream? You decide!

Pop open your delicious pancake base 120ml bottle (contains 80ml).
Add your desired nicotine (20ml max).
The fun part! using the 4 provided 10ml flavours, create your perfect topping combination!

80ml Pancake Base (in a 120ml bottle)
1x Prple KSTRD Mixer 10ml*
1x Bnna KSTRD Mixer 10ml*
1x Whipped Cream 10ml
1x Maple Syrup 10ml

*Not for vaping independently - each 10ml bottle is over-concentrated for mixing into 120ml pancake mix bottle

PLEASE NOTE - This product doesn't contain nicotine. To make it your desired strength, you will need to purchase Nicotine shots with your order, these can be found here. Add 1x18mg Nicotine Shot to make a 1.5mg, or add 2x18mg Nicotine shots to make a 3mg. (6mg is not achievable with this product unfortunately.)